Saturday, February 26, 2011

Medieval Gambeson

After examining variety of gambesons styles and weapons used during the Middle Ages, I decided that the white linen gambeson coated layer would be the best option to end vikin age, for all the material of viking gambeson in the Scandinavian is easy to find and it is totally and availability exists in ; as gambesons layers of white linen are typically used in the weapons.

In this research, it is possible to see the most effective against arrows puncture. Gambeson would be more effective against attacks than to attacks bodkin arrows broadheads. Arrows, as we all know, someone will still penetrate the skin, gambeson it will be far superior to chain mail tunic or even one's own. However, broadhead arrows, more easily stopped by a chain letter, tend to slice right through the layers of these gambeson.

As for other weapons are used, they looked in vain against gambeson, but still can be ascertained that will cause a lot of your limbs, bruises and even the worst was a broken rib, etc. Of course it is a manageable condition in the Middle Ages, immediate amputation of the affected part of your infection, it is more to be feared, not.

Gambeson that is using linen layered on top of course still many weaknesses. This is certainly related to the cost and labor. Therefore, it is advisable for those of you who do have a fantasy about medieval times, please visit the site. Reserve one if you really want to be like Gladiator:)

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