Thursday, September 17, 2009

Positive Thinking

Once you have made up your mind to lose weight and improve your health the next thing to do is mentally commit to it with a positive attitude. Losing weight can be quite a challenge on some days. For some it can be downright tough. It takes time, practice and support to change lifetime habits.

Think like a winner. Hold a vision of your goal in your mind daily. Emotions are like muscles and the ones you use most grow the strongest. Strong, positive mental images along with a high emotional anticipation of reaching your weight loss goal is very powerful.

1. If you realize that you are pessimistic about the events that have occurred in your life, first evaluation of the evidence.

2. Next, think about positive things to fix the problem you had. When the car you start out strange noises for example, you might conclude that the car will cost a lot, but probably only needed minor repairs.

3. Remember always to be positive about ourselves by doing affirmations every day. When negative thoughts start to slip, immediately evaluate the facts and think of other positive alternatives.

4. Practice this every day and naturally you will be able to master it. Amien.
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