Friday, January 15, 2010

Spa Baby - Special Business Innovation Carrying Babies and Children

Spa Baby - Special Business Innovation Carrying Babies and ChildrenEstablishing a business in service sector in this era of globalization it is necessary to objectively consider the potential market opportunities.

Residents of Jakarta as a modern urban society tend not to have much time to do a small thing, especially for those who have a family. Social mobility of the population of Jakarta is very fast and dynamic, they sometimes do not have many opportunities to care for babies as the fruit of their hearts.

Departure from this reality, innovative ideas emerge to open a business enterprise specialized body care for babies and children who were given the name Baby Spa. Located in Darmawangsa Square, South Jakarta, innovative spa was founded on 21 January 2009. In this place not only offers spa services or regular salon treatments, but also includes elements of education for the children. Such as manicure and pedicure services.

Through the care of children can be taught how to treat nail hygiene from an early age by using a fun way. Interior design room was full of elements of education, where there are chairs shaped fruits or animals, also with a blend of cheerful colors.

In addition to these types of services, which they offer are facials. Realizing the skin of infants and children are very sensitive, Baby Spa uses only superior products that are organic and safe are imported directly from overseas. Even for this facial service, the materials used specially formulated from natural products such as avocados which contain lots of vitamin E, and strawberry and chocolate that has a function as an antioxidant that is safe if accidentally ingested by infants or children.

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