Saturday, February 26, 2011

Durable and beautiful medieval helmet

Do you like any kind of replicas like this ancient Greek Corinthian helmet that is made of steel 18? This helmet is a kind of medieval helms that is very good for fighting or as part of a halloween costume. Yeah that's right. All of that can be found at But before you go visit the site, you should read first my post about it.. :p

You can use the foam to adjust the size of your head if you find that when you buy it and it's too big for you. For other problems that typically result from a similar helmet is ultimately a bit rough. You can use duct tape to cover all sides until when you take a hit, hands and head of the bat you do not have to hurt it. I can be sure that all of your friends will like it and you should be proud of it. This product is not easily corroded, but still you need to make sure that the helmet is well maintained.

For the price, I do not expect too much. But this item is made of thick steel and solid as a whole, you will be awed by the quality of this helmet. Do you plan to wear or display it in front of your friends and pretend just like the Spartans rage against the Turkeys?

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