Monday, March 22, 2010

Vehicle insurance

Vehicle insuranceAuto insurance protects you from damage to the investment fairly common in the car and / or from responsibility for damage or injury which happens when you drive your vehicle. Also can help cover your expenses, in this case, anyone in your car may be a result of an accident with an insured motorist.

Auto liability coverage is required for anyone who has a car. Many countries require you to have vehicle insurance before they can be registered. However, the minimum coverage of individual countries is often not necessary to provide adequate protection. Suggested minimum is $ 100,000 for medical expenses per injured person, $ 300,000 total per accident, and $ 50,000 for property damage.

Collision, fire, and theft, are also recommended for vehicles that have more than minimal value. You can cut costs, however, by choosing a higher deductible - the amount of loss that must be exceeded before you are compensated.

The cost of car insurance varies widely, depending on the company and agency offering it, where you live, type of vehicle, and age of drivers in the family. Large discounts are often available for safe drivers, nonsmokers, and those who commute to work via public transportation.

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