Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Rolex - Luxury Watch

Rolex - Luxury WatchI may have been rare doing some hunting an antique watch thing like I used to do before. I prefer recieve about all the infos from lots of friends fellow enthusiasts to buy an antique watch than do hunting it by my self. There's no time anymore to do it, (I'm not that kinda girl or something :p) because of something else to do at home ofcourse, what else?!?! :p. Now a days.. Rolex is one of the best thing that I've ever wanted.

Another object to search that I always do now is to find and collect the accessories (or anything else) related to it such as the boxes, signage, brochures, letters, etc. My enthusiasm for them is still high. Some of my interesting findings I will share here later on. Just so you know... finding and collecting items like Luxury Watch is really fun.

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