Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Why do they like to take a pic?

Why do they like to take a pic?One of a hobby that became a trend of young people today is photography. This increasingly sophisticated tools and be cheap, the photography became an enjoyable hobby.
I asked the same three friends from Bandung about why they like the same hobbies like this.

They were JJ (disguised) from SMU (disguised), Fr from the University who is also disguised, and Rl, who recently graduated from the Technical Information of one of the University who also asked for follow - come disguised.

Since when do you guys like it at photography?

Hh: This sort of hobby is totally from first.
Fr: Since high school, I've liked it so much.
Rl: This such hobby than three years ago. At first I liked the design so as digital imaging.

Take any kind you like?

Hh: Model, the model of their own friends.
Fr: I like 'still life'. Products mine too often I own portrait, the same architecture.
Rl: If I like to edit-to edit other people's work. More happy now use their own photos because they can work together to fit what I want. I like still life with the same nature.

What are you doing to pursue this hobby?

Hh: I follow this extracurricular photography in school. I also follow photography workshop let add experience and learned a lot from seniors. You see, my goal, I want to be a great photographer.
Fr: I follow the same photography workshop to learn a lot as a senior. I also followed-up workshop in the village Sampireun. I really like the village architecture.
Rl: I also follow-up workshop. There I want to learn techniques and models fashion photo.

Apparently.. do not want to lose yeah!?!?

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