Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Foods That Can and Can Not for Your Baby Every Trimester

Every pregnant woman must meet the proper nutrition, because it can affect the development of her baby. To know for sure that whatever food is consumed during pregnancy either.

Sometimes a lot of pregnant women who think that he should eat for two portions of the mother and the child she is carrying. And that kind of thinking pattern is not true, because it could be the mother later that obesity can harm it.

As quoted from the Pregnancy, there are some foods that should be consumed by pregnant women gestational age:

First trimester (1-3 months)

In the first trimester of pregnancy is an important moment early fetal growth, so good for pregnant women to eat healthy foods that should ideally be done since before pregnancy. Sometimes during this first trimester women experiencing morning sickness which makes it difficult to eat properly.

In this first trimester to avoid eating junk food, processed food (instant) and foods or beverages that contain excess sugar. Focus on foods that contain protein, fruits, vegetables, grains, dairy and healthy fats. Try to consume folic acid good for brain development of fetuses in the first trimester, folic acid can be obtained from green vegetables, grains or from supplements.

Second trimester (4-6 months)

Upon entering the second trimester of gestation, pregnant women should begin to focus on efforts to maintain weight balance and a healthy diet. Hence the second trimester is important to evaluate the diet of pregnant women.

Find out if it is to meet 60 grams of protein each day, nine or more servings of whole grains, seven servings of fruits and green vegetables, limiting foods high in fat, salt and sugar can be bad because the fetus is conceived. And avoid eating fish high mercury levels mengadung such as swordfish, king mackerel. But it can be replaced with shrimp, salmon, catfish and tuna.

Third trimester (7-9 months)

When entering the last trimester, the mother's diet should be adjusted with weight fetus. If the fetus is normal to have severe enough, then the mother must limit his food intake and start a diet because they contain fetal growth faster than the previous trimester. Although pregnant women tend to feel hungry sooner, but better to pregnant women to eat 6 times with a small portion compared with 3 square meals a large portion.

In this trimester reduce carbohydrate intake, because it can increase the weight of the mother who would make the process of giving birth. However, do not forget to continue to consume 8 glasses of water and 1000 milligrams of calcium every day to help the growth of fetal bones contained.

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