Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Nuclear HAZARD

Nuklir itu BAHAYA BANGET lho

June 21, yesterday, an environmental organization Greenpeace launched a comic Nuclear Meltdown: A message from the Darkness in the community Salihara, South Jakarta. This comic story about two children from the future named Hidam and Jaumai who want to return to the past to stop plans to build a nuclear power plant (NPP) in Indonesia. This they do because nuclear is very dangerous for human health and the environment.

Greenpeace deliberately publish it in comic form because it targeted young people. By using the picture story like this, hopefully, you guys, we all came to know if nuclear use in everyday life that should be avoided.

What the hell dangerous nuclear is? This energy source can lead to various diseases such as cancer glands, infertility, leukemia, genetic mutations and abnormalities of the heart or blood vessels. In fact, if there are pregnant women exposed to nuclear radiation, the baby could be born abnormal. What a pity!?!?!

That is why, early on, children need to be given if the use of nuclear tau is dangerous. But all this time many are saying that nuclear energy can be made an alternative for the future. Fortunately, "Children already know that if nuclear power is dangerous, expensive and the technology is not backward offering the overcome anything as a solution for climate change," said Tessa de Ryck, nuclear campaigner of Greenpeace Southeast Asia Regional.

The launch was attended comic '60s high school friends from diesel generation. They are a group of young Greenpeace is actively helping to combat climate change by promoting the use of other, more secure energy such as renewable energy. One of them geothermal. And Indonesia have a lot of these energy reserves. In addition, there are wind and solar energy are also safe and abundant in our beloved country.

To encourage use of renewable energy, Greenpeace urged the government to immediately enact laws on this issue. Let's help with prayer so that fathers and mothers who just sit in the House of Representatives would take the problem seriously. This is to keep our environment clean. Amen.

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