Friday, May 8, 2009

Manohara's Mom reveal thee SMS'

News' abduction 'Manohara Odelia Pinot the first heat after the mother, Daisy Fajarina, meet the press, on Monday (20/04/09) in the Public Ampera, Radio Dalam, South Jakarta. There are a few facts in regard to the expressed Daisy daughter both jinx this, including the love story between the daughter and Kelantan prince.

In the sheet that is sent to the editorial staff Daisy, Daisy is the first claim to Tengku Muhammad Fakhri. Women's birth in 1965 was first met with the Tengku Datuk dinner invitation Najib, Deputy Prime Minister of Malaysia.

Daisy Tengku sympathize with the polite, good, diligent prayer, never coarse, said very softly, and attention to his family especially at Manohara. With the assessment that has a moral good, and Daisy the Manohara Tengku court.

During court, Tengku so pity Manohara, visible from some of the SMS was sent and still kept by Daisy. One of the following contents for SMS Tengku Manohara:

"I am here for you and as such I beg and plead to you. Pls to pass that responsibility of taking care of u and family to me. Please stop thinking that it is u that is responsible for it. I will have to accept that ni responsibly do accept that responsibility, sincerely, n willingly.

As we want to spend the rest of our lives together, its important to take Compromise given n n be prepared to sacrifice for the sake of 'us' n our future together. i beg u pls be with me, love me as i am, for the world now, there is no one but u, Manohara Odelia, Loving you always, TT. "

Manohara decide when in the world of entertainment, Tengku invoke the intention to prevent Daisy daughter. Tengku even send a SMS to ensure that the options become artist lover is wrong. Tengku not prevent tired and Manohara intention to imprison.

Next one of the SMS sent Tengku back around December 2006:

"Dearest baby Nyo Nyo, the fact of the matter is this, pls analyze n listen to it carefully. It is super noble n thoughtful of u for always thinking n trying to help n ur mum for that, the Almighty will reward you with the highest reward, that i am sure, however, PLS UNDERSTAND THIS ...

On this matter, what u intend to do will only hurt n break the hearts of the exact people that love n care for u so very much-ur mom, Dewi n me. I know that this is not what u want to happen, but this is exactly what will happen if u decide to continue. Pls be fair n kind to all of us.

We can always plan to do this n that in the real world, it is not that simple. Also pls realize that exactly because i care n love u way too much. that is yi have to strongly disagree n object to things that icu want to do that i believe r wrong. We will never let u down n will always be there for u. Pls so also do not let us down n pls always b there for us as well.

We love u all, we all need un we all miss the real u. "

SMS is not only one, but some of the short message sent to the intense Manohara. All with the same goal, namely hope Manohara so celebrities do not choose even though the main goal to have its own revenue and to help his mother. In its SMS Tengku look and feel for the attention of Manohara.

"All I ever asked for was only some understanding n respect from u. I think it's just fair that i get that, for i really deserve it. But now this is what i get, U not listening to me, going against me u n disappointing me.

So now you know exactly how i feel. so please close ur think of me, think of all those happy moments that we ve shared together, the laughter, the songs that i ve to u sang, the jokes, the base on all these, recite bismillahirahmannirahim n pls do the right thing. U r the water and the sun in my world ni can not live without u. .. "

These SMS love Daisy so knock the heart and the Tengku make sure that is ideal candidates daughter. But what happens, exactly davina feel good attitude and polite Tengku no more than falsity and daughter do not trifle more as luxury properties.

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