Friday, May 8, 2009

Crishtian - Pevita kiss in 'RASA'

Totality in the figures portray the characters in the film determine the quality of a player. Therefore, the film stars Christian Sugiono willing to do anything including act like a buss artist with teenagers Pevita E Pearce, in their latest film entitled taste.

According to Tian actual scene of 'wow' it does not need be exaggerated because it is not the core of the film. The kiss scene was a depiction romantisme between the leaders of Vishnu diperankan Tian Rianti with the perankan by Pevita.

"That 'wow' is, but do not disalahartikan. Here, Vishnu and Rianti indeed close together, and eventually falling in love. Scene was very exciting, take aja once, and I have a re-take," Tian said in the Meet and greet Movies sense in Depok Town Square, Friday (24 / 4) yesterday.

Although Tian request does not need be exaggerated, but the husband Titi Kamal was thinking this age play a new opponent to sit in class 1 high school is. However, after the workshop process, Tian finally get the chemistry to the characters diperankannya.

"In the past I think that indeed is the age of Pepi (Pevita, red). And I also met first time with Pepi in this film. But before we are together with the workshop and is also helpful for the formation of character. And the time finally we find that chemistry, "said Tian.

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