Friday, May 8, 2009

After children, Alice Norin Meditation in Bali

Her affair was revealed by the husband was the artist to create beautiful Alice Norin-conscious self. Although the husband, DJ Riri already forgive himself, but not enough. Therefore, Alice should do the meditation up to Pulau Dewata, Bali.

"She is currently meditation with close friends. Ya' know, since the incident at that time, Alice really want to change everything," said Alice assistance, Great time to be contacted last night (Monday, 20 / 4).

Alice pullout, already approved by the Court sepengetahuan with her husband. Therefore, Alice can freely do what is interest. "Her husband know why," he said.

Alice doing meditation for about one week duration. She was leaving on Sunday (19 / 4) ago. "I Pulangnya next Saturday (25 / 4)," said Agung.

Alice seems to improve the serious rumahtangganya. Evidence, there is no means of communication for use in the Bali island.

"Overall. Handphone, laptop stored and not used. Maybe he is really serious," his him.

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