Thursday, March 12, 2009

Net make health

For the middle-aged and elderly, exploring the Internet activity that can give positive impact to the functions and capabilities of the brain, as a result of the latest research published American Journal of Geriatric Psychiatry.

Experts from the University of California Los Angeles not long found that surfing the internet can stimulate the brain centers that control the decision-making and complex considerations.

Researchers said, to use the internet activity may help prevent the psychological changes associated with growing age which causes a decrease in brain function.

When someone grows old, believed to occur a number of significant changes in the brain, including contraction and a reduction in cell activity that may affect the ability and brain function.

Have long suspected that the activity makes the brain remains active play such as puzzles or read 'getting older' can minimize the impact of the brain - and the latest research indicates that the surfing the internet activity can be an alternative.

"Results of this research suggests that the development of computer technology can provide psychological effects and potential benefits to the middle-age and elderly. Internet can involve a complicated brain activity, which can help train and improve brain function," said research leader Professor Gary Small as quoted BBC

Small conduct research involving 24 volunteers aged between 55 to 76 years. Half of them are active Internet users while the rest do not.

Each participant was scanning the brain while surfing the internet and also when given the task such as reading a book. This second type of activity that will show evidence of significant activity in the brain areas that control language, reading something, power and ability to get the visual good remembering.

However, internet activity produce significant additional activity in separate areas of the brain that control decision-making and complex considerations. Compared with simple reading activity, using internet options that need to make people have to make decisions that will be clicked in the effort to get the desired information.

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