Friday, March 6, 2009

Five things to make your Blackberry SAVE

Blackberry this time, a device that is not merely a communication device, but also symbols of prestige. Ready to display to anyone, anywhere and anytime.

But... do not save the bungling your Blackberry. Amankan data in it. Do not until the events that befall the team members campaign John McCain happens to you.

Early December, one of the team members campaign McCain accidentally sells to a Blackberry Fox TV reporter at U.S. $ 20. While the device is stored in the campaign information that is confidential. No wonder not, if the White House petinggi want to elect Barack Obama president deliver his Blackberry before he got his oath?

Nnnah, how to secure your Blackberry?

Here is how:

1. Treat your Blackberry as a PC.

You will not be shopping online, open e-mail attachments, and check your bank account on the PC without firewall protection, antivirus and anti-malware is not it? Well, why not do the same on the Blackberry? A Blackberry is essentially a mini computer.

One great if you assume that viruses and malware is not a problem on the Blackberry. The only reason why we have not heard the spread of virus infection on the Blackberry is because the nature of malware has changed. First infection is done for fun and show off. Now crime is financial background.

Without software that can be men-scan problem and update the virus definitions, the Blackberry has been secretly diinfeksi virus. A frightening, so the research Smobile Systems, most malware is spyware infecting Blackberry. While spyware can lurk every e-mail and SMS messages that go out and Blackberry. Even the remote can turn on the phone and overhear the conversation.

2. Do not be frivolous.

You're relaxing in Bali and the Blackberry: check and reply to e-mail related to the job, and call your partners. You may also check your bank account.

Many users of Blackberry giddy when using these devices. When the plane for example. Did you know that the person sitting right in the back seat you can see anything you are doing on the Blackberry?

So what? Be careful. Keep your personal information with your Blackberry does not use in places that are open or in the crowd. Also do not bertelepon in the huddle.

3. Do not be left behind!

This suggestion is most plausible, but it is also the beginning of a disaster for the Blackberry users. His Blackberry smaller so that it can easily lag anywhere; Foodcourt in, when you meletakannya restaurant at the table, chatting, and melupakannya. Risk not only lagging but also open the opportunity for thieves, who can only take the sensitive data or install trojan horse in several seconds while holding the device.

4. Create a back up.

Hmm, you do not take no advice. 3 and is now confused with the existence of your Blackberry. What can you do? Depending on your readiness.

If the Blackberry is owned by the company and you work in a company that has a Blackberry server, please contact the IT office. They can lock and delete the contents of your Blackberry from the distance.

If the Blackberry is private property, or if your company does not have the support as above, consider installing software that can provide capabilities such as the above. Purchase program that provides remote access means you can lock the device so that others can not access them. You can also backup information stored on the Blackberry and delete them when you realize your Blackberry raib and will not be back again.

Purchase remote access software means that the unit is just missing, not the data stored in it. And if you respond quickly, the company that sensitive data is not lost.

5. Use encryption.

Encryption is available in the device is made rim. To do is just activate it. Unfortunately not many are doing so.

Hope this is helpfull.

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