Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Fan prevent the death on our baby

Use the fan when a baby is sleeping can be reduced infant death syndrome sudden (SIDS). So the latest results of research in the U.S. announced on Monday (6 / 10) and according to Chinese news agency, Xinhua.

Study, conducted by researchers at the U.S. medical institutions, Kaiser Permanente, is the first focus of the relationship between the channel air the room and SIDS.

The research concluded that when a baby in one room sleep tide, the exchange of air is done by the fan, there are 72 percent lower risk of SIDS will be compared with that faced by the baby sleeping in a room without a fan. Sleeping in the room with the window open also associated with the syndrome are low risk.

The report was broadcast in the final edition of the Archives of Pediatric & Adolescent Medicine. "SIDS is very harmful and mysterious," said lead researcher is Dr. De-Kun Li, reproductive specialist treatment and epidemiology at Kaiser Permanente research division in Oakland, Northern California.

"We do not view our findings in the propensity for the use of the fan. But there are public safety issues. If you have a baby, make sure that they do not enter their fingers into the fan."

Infant death syndrome is marked by sudden infant death with a sudden that often can not be explained. Although it can occur in children until their first birthday, more special was the baby in the first six months of age they are.

According to the American SIDS Institute, 2500 of SIDS occur each year in the United States. With the increase in the airways of the room, the fan can membuyarkan the cumulative carbon dioxide in the air space is closed around the baby's nose and mouth in an environment where they are sleeping, increase the risk of this condition of breath again, many experts said.

Study focused on 497 babies in 11 regions throughout California, among the 185 infants that died due to SIDS.

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