Saturday, March 14, 2009

Defind your scratch here!

You are recently married and happy so much to scratch your idea out of your bad brain 'till you get headache? This is what I'm talking about... it means something to us... such as...


Reflect the desire to provide assistance to the couple or to protect itself from outside influence that is not fun.


Star image that is made repeatedly indicates that your women are very romantic.


Picture of luxury car will usually symbolize the desire or the material objects in life. Then, if the image of train means you are often watch your step in doing anything and you can easily determined. Figure it out? Viola, this means you run out of hope that rein this situation.

Spider's nest

This indicates a feeling trapped, or the desire to coax someone into a certain relationship or situation.


Sometimes we just drawing a tree trunk only, no leaves, tree branches or the other. Now this can show what you feel in the heart, namely trapped without a strong family bond. Picture of a tree with leaves be blown wind shows instability in the relationship.


Signalize this image needs to go back to childhood, to flee from the reality of living day-to-day is hard.

Not only can touch the picture you mean. Location and size of the image in the paper have also its meaning.

- Big Images usually made by an ordinary ekstrovert and people who try to get the attention from others to be happy. While many small-sized images made of the focus can be, many have a good motor coordination and more taciturn.

- Pictures are very big in the middle of the page shows the important role you want in life.

- Picture in the corner of the page means people who want quiet and do not appear prominent.

- Image starts from left to right shows how subconscious mind work. Instead of pictures starting from right to left means you are relying on logic.

- Image starts from the basic to the top of the page indicates that ambitious personality. Image starting from the middle of paper to the outside then return to the more marks you more introvert.

- Light scratches shows a good day. On the dark and heavy scratches can indicate you are depression.

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