Friday, January 9, 2009

Without a title

I think sometimes joke member who also sat ni kat Kuala Lumpur. What's not because lawaknya not yet ready to accept the son. The story told us that the boy, one thing that is also urgent because he'd be married to the bud may be presumably. I am also a member is not worried because the bud but not thinking about the age that is still a dozen years and are still demanding disebuah teaching private diShah Nature. Dibuatnya giddy with remajanya children. Because the bud be very sisuami ni member I do not want any more continue to go Skilled jumpa mak bapak slave men and digilakannya Declare hajatnya about it. Apparently, they are also the same.. crazy as they gets!

Do not want to take the risk of a more dizzy then they're both sides agreed to be with the intention that they are better than they khawinkan become merapu not ketaharuaan.. They are a new bride, a new couple who still teenagers, are they able to solve the problem that is also the responsibility of the weight of this marriage because it is true vulgar but very heavy. Is nature wanna be -for them- to forfeit their youth should be finished with the study and explore the science is adequate for the Prosperity of the world and the Hereafter.

However, it is in fact a mate until then to know their life is hard to believe. Back to the story... I am also a member that sometimes also because rebuke daughter out and back through the night without conscience that the daughter has been released from the Responsibilities and also married. So, gimme a break, I remember that and I may still not prepared to accept the daughter probably...

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