Saturday, January 10, 2009

True Love

Please prepare to spend some time for this short story ...

This story is a story of a real auntie who I met in Bali, but the detail that I mentioned may not be in accordance with the original story. I write what I told you from catching 'uncle'. Anto ofcourse course (not the actual name). Uncle Anto tells about the experience of his life when he was in the study.

Approximately, twenty years ago, Anto are running last semestre and try to finish the college. It's the same, 2 weeks to come, Anto will get married with a girl named Ina (not real name). Anto and Ina have been engaged for 7 years. Ina is a friend of Anto in the Elementary school. They have known for 14 years. This friendship is during the period of 7 years, and then proceeded to the court. They have even engaged and 2 sunday ahead, Anto and Ina will perpetuate consent granted.

What a night's dream somehow, suddenly Anto was surprised by a news.
Ina's sister: Mas Anto, Mas Anto. Mba Mba Ina Ina ...!
Anto: Innalillahi wa inna illahi roji'un ...
Anto that time did not know what the natural override Ina. Then the younger brother to continue this bad news ...
Ina's sister: Mba Ina accident ... .. ... and died ...
Anto: Innalillahi wa inna illahi roji'un ...

Anto ... and then fainted ... After the wake, Anto faced by tunangannya corpses. Anto shock of weight can not say anything. Do not even have a flow of water. When bath jenazahnya, Anto halt. They hug the body that is so closely linked with the cold and do not want to remove it until the end of parents trying to ask Anto Anto so courageously face all this.

Once buried, Anto remain silent. He prayed in front of a humble tomb of Ina. Until a week ahead, Anto have no appetite. He only eats a little. He also did not talk much. It is not. His scrip (duty) displaced by the board. Anto's parents are increasingly anxious to see their children's attitudes.

Finally, his father Anto indignantly. The father of the child accidentally pressing issue that he tears. Of Anto lose weight for people who loved, but no tears at all. It has not been issued Anto burden.

After get messed up by his father, then Anto crying. At least, the burden has been reduced.

... Three months later ...

Anto Skripsi not also kelar (hahahah). Her parents also did not expect much because the situation is very Anto. Sepeninggal Ina, Anto still mourn and feel Ina just go away. Later also, he tougt that so.

In this gloomy face, suddenly a man who is interested to see Anto. Named Lady (not real name). He was interested in the face of Anto sweet and demure. Lady is trying to find out about Anto and Anto heard the full story of his friends.

After getting information about Anto, Anto he approached try. Anto whose heart is frozen, no matter the presence Lady. Several times call Lady direspon not by it. Lady surrender any abstinence, until finally a little Anto dissolved. Anto also invites Lady faith to the grave. There Anto Lady ask permission to ask for Ina-related Anto. Lady pity that so Anto obey her desires. He also requested permission to pray and to the grave of Ina.

Period court Anto Lady and so unique. Each wanted to go two, they always come around to the tomb to ask for permission Anto and tells them that this day will go where. Indeed, it continues to occur repeatedly. It seems whenever the position of faith in the hearts Anto not have the rub. But the Lady was very understanding and it is still willing through with Anto, even as the second Anto's heart.

The period have their court. Anto Skripsi already completed six months ago and he graduated with good value. Lady also decided to apply Anto. Before applying for Anto, Satria Ina visited the graves alone. This has become a ritual for him. There he chat with stone, and read yasin, and requested permission to apply for Anto. After that Lady home, and he put Anto night.

Anto, of course, delighted. But it remains, in the heart Anto still be Ina figure. Anto told how perasaannya Lady and how to position dihatinya Ina. Lady accept all of that field with a chest. For him, Anto is the main priority. Anto any desire, it will keep all of that, so long as Anto happy.
Anto was finally accepting applications Lady.

... A few months after the marriage ...

In the house of peace, terpampang wedding photos and Anto with Lady. Not far from the image, there are wedding photos Anto 4r size. Photo normal marriage, but there are inept. In the face of the image terpampang Ina and Anto.

Yes, Anto who still love to change the image of Faith disebelahnya with the pair face Ina. Photo itupun located not far from the image of Lady and Anto. Overview of the image is visible results of engineering made by Anto. But the Lady Anto put the photo is not far from their wedding photos.

However Anto will remain at the same time love love Ina Lady, wife tercintanya. And Lady is a woman who has a sincere heart. For him, love is sejatinya Anto. Anto do anything, he tried to receive all the circumstances. For which there is no need to dicemburui's gravestone. He still runs the household with Sakinah, mawaddah and warramah, until now ...

Hear the story above, I feel unreservedly sad, compassionate, and miris. I'm impressed with her that Lady really love Om Anto. I also understand the pain when Uncle Anto's fiancee abandoned. Of course it's difficult to be abandoned by those who have dihati imprint.

Will have women as Lady? I hope I hope that many women will remain faithful to a man, they receive is.

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