Friday, January 9, 2009

Life - Definition

Life is a phenomenon... or manifestation of life, the circumstances that distinguish organisms (living things) with a dead object.

Many kinds of organisms can be found in the earth biosfer. The general-organisms are plants, animals, fungis, protista, archaea, bacteria and cell-formation is based on carbon and water with the complex and the genetic information that can be inherited. Organism metabolism is doing, able to grow and develop, respond to stimulus, proliferate, and adapt to their environment through natural selection.

An entity with the characteristics mentioned above as a living organism, the organism. However, not all of the definition of life considers all of these important characteristics. For example, the ability to have a descent with modification is often seen as the only major feature of life. This definition includes the virus, which is generally not covered by a more narrow definition, because the virus does not have a cell metabolism and does not do.

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