Saturday, January 10, 2009

Get Money from

I knew about this, learned from my friends and I thought I would sign and give the service a try, and here I am. Initially LinkFromBlog is unlike other blogs, because instead of adding a tracking code to encourage to write a post visible only with a plate "to activate your blog" this is to find the number of current traffic in your web site generate individual messages, and not a single home page.

Paid reviewsThey are also doing this to help promote your company and bloggers have mentioned and write messages about them, gives them free publicity for all targeted. This is not a bad thing, Show, should declare that if they use any blog comments blogging buy programs of transparency in my opinion. But this sponsored reviews allows you to use your image tracking invisible so nobody has to know about it.

Since this is my email to activate the company you have not recorded yet to see what its all about, so stay tuned and I will let bloggers know if this service works for this blog.

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