Saturday, January 31, 2009

Artist Wanna Be

This week I went back around to find a job out of college, drop me a chance to blog Dewipersik...

so I think if they also carry a provision of the race to write in the virtual world like this, they certainly have banrang will demand the withdrawl sweet roasted peanut. Lol... I wish I could be the one of them, but that's just in my bad nite...

Dewi Persik.. I like her voice n her lovely face. But I'd rather see her on her short cut hair.. sweet.. i don't know... just like that! I'm happy if she especially long hair hanging kriting... Cute! Don't get mad or angry with me.. that's just my opinion. Do you need second opinion?

I'm not an artist.. don't even pretend to be. A few years ago I borrow a magazine and I read with a high anthusiasme. It was a slick package that allowed you to render beautifully detailed landscapes on the fly. It's far more advanced today, but I did these images about yesterday. Am i doing wrong if we have abeautiful dream just to be like them?

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